August 15, 2017

Plan the Perfect Me-Day

Disclosure: "Plan the Perfect Me-Day" is a sponsored post from Red Dress Boutique, and I received compensation for publishing it. The opinions expressed in this post are not my own but I felt like their products align with my brand and I want to make sure I'm always keeping my readers updated on the latest trends in fashion, food, parenting techniques, and prayerful practices. I hope you enjoy! 

Plan the Perfect Me-Day with Red Dress Boutique

When it comes to crushing it, you are an expert. Emergency presentation at work to land a big client? On it. Last minute babysitter when your sister goes into labor? Have crayons, will travel. Best gal pal caught her no-good-BF texting with another girl? You’re the first one there with a bottle of Prosecco and a download of Lemonade (not to mention the baseball bat in your trunk).

You’ve been busting that cute little booty so hard doing everything for others that you hardly make time for you. Don’t worry, girl, we got you. Sit down, relax and open up that Google calendar (as if it’s ever closed). It’s time to schedule some much deserved ‘Me Time’ to regroup, recharge and rest that beautiful soul of yours. Check out our list of ideas for the Perfect Me-Day and claim some time for you.

1. Nailed It

Plan the Perfect Me-Day with Red Dress Boutique

It’s not easy clawing your way to the top – and it’s definitely no picnic on your cuticles. Take a time out from your corporate climbing and schedule yourself a mani-pedi at your favorite nail salon.

Fight the urge to go basic on color. This is your day, and you are feeling fun, flirty and adventurous. Try a poppy pink or neon blue for a change of pace and wear your cutest romper and comfortable (yet chic) sandals to complete your now uber-fun look. Not sure if you should spend the extra bucks for the paraffin wrap and extra foot massage? Girlfriend, yes. The answer is always yes.

2. Garden Party
Use your day off from the hustle and bustle to take in the beauty of nature at your local arboretum or botanical garden. The peace and quiet of the gardens will rejuvenate your soul, and all of the gorgeous plants and flowers will make an excellent backdrop for your selfie pic portfolio. Wear something equally beautiful like a trendy floral print dress and enjoy the inevitable compliments (and new Instagram followers).

3. Namaste
With a life as busy as yours, it’s important to remain flexible. So put down your iPhone and pull on your favorite (and cutest) black leggings for some serious yoga therapy. You may be a slayer in the boardroom, but your warrior pose could use some serious work.

4. Take in a Double Feature
Life’s been a bit bumpy lately, but there’s no doubt in our mind you’ll get your happily ever after eventually. Until then, however, there’s no shame in living vicariously through the silver screen for a little cathartic retreat.

Slip into something more comfortable, like anything from the always stylish and comfortable brand Everly, and take in a movie marathon at your favorite theater. There’s no better date than Y-O-U, and you don’t have to worry about sharing the popcorn.

5. Table for One
Lose yourself in fantasy during your much needed R&R with a tasty lunch for one and the company of a good book. If you’re a little nervous about dining alone at a restaurant, pick a place with lunch time bar seating or a patio with a view. There’s no need to be self-conscious when you treat yourself to a nice meal. After all, in a sexy jumpsuit like this, we’re pretty sure you won’t be dining solo for long.
6. Beat the Heat with a Summer Treat
Enjoy the summer being a tourist in your own town. Put on your biggest sun hat and your favorite summer outfit and pretend like you’re on vacation for the day. Walk downtown, shop for cheesy souvenirs and definitely (definitely!) get yourself some ice cream.

7. Catch Some Rays
Plan the Perfect Me-Day with Red Dress Boutique

We’d be bad friends if we didn’t tell you to make time for a beach day or two this summer. And a beach day all to yourself – well, that’s just about heaven. Pack light for this easy breezy day of relaxation. Just your favorite two piece, a towel, and some SPF will do.

If beaches aren’t your thing (or not an option – sigh) then you can easily have just as much fun at a pool. Either way, do your best to catch some rays this summer, and we’re sure your daily stresses will quickly fade.

8. Spa Day
The most obvious Me-Day of them all is a good old fashioned spa day. It may not be the most creative way to get some time to yourself, but it is certainly the most relaxing.

Schedule yourself a massage/facial/seaweed wrap/sugar scrub and take full advantage of the ‘quiet please’ policies to get the most out of your day of solitude. After a day like this, you’ll come out looking like a million bucks and ready to rock a smoking hot maxi dress to wherever (or whoever) the night takes you.  

How do you find time to unwind and refresh your mind, body, and spirit? Are there any pieces you're loving from Red Dress Boutique?

Be Blessed,
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