July 16, 2018

My Prime Day Picks

Disclosure: Most of the links in this "My Prime Day Picks" post are Amazon affiliate links, and as an Amazon Affiliate, I earn a percentage from qualifying purchases, but that comes at no cost to you.

In the mists of the Nordstrom Sale madness, which is breaking the internet, it should be mentioned there is another fantastic day of sales: the annual Amazon Prime Day! Prime Day starts today, July 16 at 3:00 PM EST. For Prime members, there are TONS of excellent deals. So move that mouse and get ready to click your way toward savings. 

For the planners, think ahead to Christmas gifts. For the readers now's the time to grab a couple books or even try Audible (audio books) or Kindle Unlimited at a reduced rate. For those with busy schedules, why not try Amazon Fresh, a grocery-shopping service, with the FREE 30-day trial? And for the music lovers snag a new Amazon echo with the Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription Free Trial.

Before I jump into my Prime Day picks, there's still plenty of time to become a Prime Member and get in on all these great deals. Just sign up here.

Now let's get down to business. 

My #1 suggestion is for the readers. I read EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. before I go to bed. If I had to keep my bedside lamp on while reading each night, it would drive my husband crazy. So one of the secrets to my happy marriage is my Kindle Paper White. It has a built-in adjustable light so I can read even when the lights are out. It's also perfect for reading outside (think trips to the pool or beach) because the backlight is subtle and it automatically adjusts to the ambient lighting in your surrounding environment.

If you're looking for some book suggestions. Here are a couple, with my reviews:

Along the same lines, both of my children have their own Kindle Fires. I know, I know screen time, blah blah, blah. But hear me out, I need to think about my sanity on occasion and the only time they stop talking and moving is when they are playing their Kindles. Plus, they are PERFECT for traveling. We use the FreeTime Unlimited App which is all child-appropriate apps, books, and games. This helps me feel confident as a parent in the content and quality of the things they are watching and playing without feeling the need to stand over their shoulders watching each swipe they make.  Hint, these would make an amazing birthday and Christmas presents.
 So now you know one of my best-kept secrets to a good marriage and how I keep some of my sanity.

Since we're already talking about kids, these magnetic Picazzo Tiles are favorites at my house. Think Legos, but far less painful on your feet, which is a parenting win. The edges of each piece have magnets so kids can create three-dimensional structures. I have to admit even my husband and I have been known to sit on the floor and play with these without the kids around. They come in a box with a handle for safe storage and easy transport. In fact, we took them to the beach as a backup plan in case of rainy days.

As a busy mom I hardly ever have time to do my hair. When I do I want to make sure I can keep the style as long as possible - and I mean as many days as possible. One trick to keeping my curls in tack overnight or my straight hair from looking like a hot mess in the morning, is I put my hair in a high ponytail each night with these invisibobble Original Traceless Hair Rings. They don't crease your hair so it always looks well-styled. At a price point of less than $10, these are a fun way to take advantage of Prime Day if you don't want to splurge.

Okay, I hate to admit this, but my youngest is still in diapers. Please send potty training tips my way, because he is just not interested and he's almost 3! Anyway, Amazon Family saves us 20% on diaper subscriptions, and instead of hauling those huge boxes from the grocery store to my car and then into the house every couple days, I just have them delivered to my doorstep. If you are a new parent jump on this one fast because Amazon is offering a 30-day free trial of Amazon Family for Prime Day and you won't regret the extra savings.
And finally, I mean this list really could go on forever, one of the items I'm hoping to snag today is the Amazon Echo Dot. Amazon is running an incredible Deal of the Day and it only costs $29.99. It is normally $49.99! Seriously this is the one you should grab and save for Christmas. It will fit perfectly into a stocking or be a wonderful kitchen companion as it plays Michael Buble Christmas songs while you bake cookies. 

What are some of your favorite Amazon items, subscriptions and deals you'll be shopping for today?
Be Blessed,
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