January 26, 2010

Business in Terre Haute

I just arrived in Terre Haute, IN for business. Day 1 of a 3 day business trip. I love having the opportunity to come and meet with clients face-to-face. As much as I love all the new technologies that allow me to connect with millions of people around the world, something is lost when you get an aim message instead of a handshake. So I believe my time on the road is invaluable.

That being said, I'm exhausted. What is it about planes that just completely drain you? No amount of caffeine or bottles of water make it any easier.

Here's a Thought:
On Planes, I hate the take-off and landing. No matter how smooth it is or how many times I do it I always find myself squeezing the armrests and shutting my eyes. I think it's the feeling of being completely vulnerable. Maybe the people who are most afraid of flying are those who like to be in control.

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