February 21, 2012

Travel: Share it Someone you Love

I absolutely LOVE to travel and I have been blessed with several opportunities to go out and explore the world. From Salamanca, Spain to Hawaii the recognition that the world we live  is larger the walls that make up our home and our office is an invaluable realization.

Megan and I in Avila, Spain

I love really embracing the culture, the people, the food. I love going and trying new things and indulging in new, previously unknown, delicacies. The fear and anxiety that others feel when they travel is lost on me. In fact I feel most comfortable when I'm in a completely foreign place.

The one thing that I've learned during my travels is that sharing the experience with someone or a group of people that you really care about can really enhance the journey.

My sister and I in Capri, Italy 
My husband and I have had extensive conversations about our future and our dreams for our lives together and we've decided that traveling, even if it's to a nearby state park or bed and breakfast a couple towns away, is something that we'll make a priority in our marriage. Of course we dream big and talk about exotic locations with lavish excursions that could only be funded with an endless budget. And while in our lifetime we'll never have an endless budget that doesn't mean we don't have years of unforgettable trips in front of us.

My most memorable adventures have been the Mediterranean cruise I took with my family when I was 20, my semester abroad with one of my best friends, Megan, in Salamanca, Spain, and of course my honeymoon in St. Kitts last May.

My husband and I on a cocktail cruise in St. Kitts

I keep a "bucket list" of places I'd love to go or things I'd love to see and my current list includes:

1. Attending a soccer game in Buenos Aires for the 2016 Olympics
2. Hiking in Machu Picchu, Peru
3. Riding an Elephant in Thailand
4. Eating a gyro at a quaint restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean in Greece

Do you have a bucket list? If so, where do you dream of traveling?

Thanks for reading.



  1. I like the 3rd one a lot. I'm not the most active so lets face it 2 is out, but you bet I have my dreams of traveling. I would love to go to so many places. To be honest through the things on my list are much different and.... maybe some would say simpler, but it is always good to have a bucket list of dreams and goals. Traveling is a dream.... but I dont know that I ever put it on the bucket list. There are places I would love to go though.
    back to Italy
    gosh I would go just about anywhere.... just about :P


  2. Sign me up for the Brazil and Peru trip! You, me, a bottle of vino and some latin flare always spells adventure and a good time!

  3. It sounds like a trip is in order!

  4. I love to go anywhere new, but the number one place I feel like I HAVE to go before I die is Italy!