February 15, 2012

What I'm into Wednesday: OPI Shatter Nail Polish

I've always taken a special pride in being the girl that can hang out with all the boys, drink beer, and enthusiastically outwit them with college football stats, but every once in awhile I like to embrace my girlie-side.

I've never been one who painted their nails for anything other than a special occasion, until recently. Being on a budget with a crazy work schedule can make it hard to find ways to treat yourself so I started to look for small, inexpensive ways to relax. After searching high and low I opened my bathroom drawer only to discover an old manicure set and some nail polishes.

That was almost a month ago. Now every weekend I sit down for 20 minutes and treat myself to an at-home personal manicure. I've actually really embraced this personal time and one afternoon I noticed my grocery store carries OPI nail polish, so I purchased a couple; including the "White Shatter." It ads a fun crackled look over any nail polish color. It's a great quick-fix for four-day old chipped nails or a fun night out.

Simply paint your nails with any color nail polish and let them completely dry. Apply the shatter polish and again, let it dry. The nail polish does all the work and you get to sit back and enjoy the results.

I've been sporting the shatter look for almost three days now and I've had tons of people stopped me to tell me how much they like my nails! A complete stranger stopped me yesterday to ask me how much it was and where I had my nails done. You know your polish is doing the trick if people think you're having your nails done professionally!

Thanks for reading.


  1. I love DIY mani-pedi time and I love that you make time for it each weekend - I may need to start doing the same, especially with spring around the corner! Thanks for the recommendation - have been hesitant to try the shatter stuff, but it looks great!