May 28, 2012

My Weeks Resolution: Results

It's been exactly one week since I committed myself to eating breakfast and drinking water everyday (see previous post here). To date I've lost a full pound! I know it doesn't sound like much but the thing is I haven't changed anything else regarding my eating or exercise habits. Plus given that it's a holiday weekend I wouldn't have been surprised if I GAINED weight with all the junk food I've eaten lately.

Most mornings I eat a bowl of Special K cereal and each day I drink between 70-100 ounces of water (that's a lot I know). The water intake in particular has produced some noticeable results. For one, my skin looks better already. My face just looks fresher in the mornings and I don't feel like it's as necessary to wear as much foundation because the coloration in my face is more even. I also have an excuse to get up from my desk several more times throughout the day (*wink*). But most of all, I just feel better and fuller. I don't crave the sugary drinks like juice and pop, like I used to. Instead, when I get hungry I just drink some water and it's helps to naturally cut my appetite.

I'm hoping to lose another pound or two before we head to the beach. I'll continue to keep you updated on my progress.

Are you doing anything special to make your bikini fit better this summer?

Thanks for reading.
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