July 30, 2012


I love the Olympics. As a former college athlete and a lifelong competitor, I so greatly admire the skill, strength and determination each athlete must demonstrate just to qualify for their event. I love the way Americans everywhere gather to watch the games and become so enthusiastic about sports that otherwise would recieve very little publicity; like archery, handball, and shooting. 


The Summer Games are by far my favorite and I'm officially addicted. I've spent the entire weekend tuned into the coverage and I now feel like an expert in syncronozed diving, table tennis, and cycling.

It's at the top of my bucket-list to attend the Summer Olympic games and watch a men's soccer game. Not that I wouldn't want to see other events but I would love to watch a soccer game above everything else. Until I fulfill that dream and actually go to the games to cheer you all I'm so proud of all the athletes, you've made us all so proud. Keep up the great job representing the stars and stripes.

Go U-S-A!

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