April 1, 2013

Easter Recap: Part 1

My husband and I were driving to church yesterday (Easter Sunday) when he commented that I take the holiday very seriously. I guess I'd never thought of it that way but after a short reflection, I do. To me it's the most important faith-based holiday of the year and for some reason I don't think that it has been as commercialized and diluted as other holidays (i.e. Christmas). Going to church to celebrate Christ's sacrifice and spending time with family are still at the forefront of the festivities. The Easter Bunny is lots of fun but it's only secondary to the holiness of the holiday.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that it was super-important to me that my family of three head off to church together for the first time. This might not seem like a big deal but <A> hasn't had his two-month shots yet, so there's a bit of risk whenever we take him out of the house. We planned on getting to our new church a half hour early but we're new parents, so in typical new-parent-fashion, we got there 10 minutes late. The thing is, arriving late actually worked out best because we didn't sit in the main sanctuary; thus reducing the risk of <A> catching something. Sure it might have been difficult to hear the homily but as the three of us sat there I was so proud of my expanding family and I felt so blessed that we were able to celebrate such a sacred holiday together at church.

I took <A> up for a blessing and as I walked with our little man up to the front of the church everyone seemed to "ooh" and "aw over him. For those of you who aren't aware, <A> is seven weeks old but he was six weeks premature so he is still pretty tiny. People came up to us after church asking how old he was and guessing just a week or two.

It started to rain before mass ended so we decided to wait it out before leaving. Sitting there, so many people came up to offer their congratulations on our little man (proud mama moment). It felt nice to be well received and welcomed at a new church. The people we met were so sweet and one of them was kind enough to take our first picture as a family.

How did you celebrate the holiday?

Be Blessed,


  1. So happy you were able to get out to church on this Easter Sunday! You are right--what a special day it is! Austin is precious! And, don't be surprised if your new parent, 10 minutes late thing takes over forever! Ask my sister--she can testify--it just does! You don't get it, til you live it! Ha!

  2. Such a beautiful family! It is a blessing to be parents! Hope you had a great Easter with your family. Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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