April 2, 2013

Easter Recap: Part 2

Here are some of the details from our Easter:

What we did:
<A> and I attended the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday afternoon. It was our first neighborhood event and it was great seeing all the kids and their parents out in the beautiful weather. We're so lucky to be part of community that makes an effort to put together events like these.

The best part; <A> got his first Easter Egg!

He may have been at the Easter Egg Hunt but he was also ready for the big basketball game that night. Unfortunately the Buckeyes lost but there's always next year for both Memphis and Ohio State.

What the Bunny brought:
I was so excited for my first Easter as a mom. <A> is too little to have any understanding of the Easter Bunny but I enjoyed preparing for his first Easter nonetheless.

The Easter Bunny packed his little basket full of practical surprises; sunglasses, washcloths and a bath toy, socks, a new onesie, and a new book. I was most excited about the book that was personalized for our little man. The book came from I See Me Personalized Books. The title page of the book says it's to <A> and that it came from the Easter Bunny with the date. As a mom I highly recommend checking out this site for your little ones. If you aren't a parent these would make a perfect gift for any little angels in your life. Plus, you get 10% off your first purchase and I actually bought a Groupon for half off my first book! I would be happy to pay full price for the book though, it's great quality and should be a fond memory for <A> as he gets older.  

What I wore
I wish I had something really exciting to share with you but this wasn't nearly as glamorous as some of you fashionistas out there. I've almost lost all my baby weight but I still have another five pounds or so to go before I'm back to my pre-baby weight. Therefore, the options in my closet are pretty limited and I'm so convinced that I'm going to drop the final five pounds that I'm unwilling to go out and buy anything new. So after trial and error, I dug out this little blue number and it worked perfectly (I don't have a full length pic, sorry). There's nothing like a classic cotton shift dress for when you're in a bind.

Since I didn't do anything too fancy with my outfit I wanted to jazz up my hair a bit. I had to do something quick and easy. I can't wear it down anymore since <A> loves to grab and pull at it (or pull it out). I came up with this quick side French braid and I was so happy with the end result. I'll be sporting this more often when I head back to work.

What I ate
My husband and I love to cook together so we prepared this little ditty for dinner.

<K> made the pork and I made the prosciutto wrapped asparagus (recipe here). It was amazing and I highly recommend getting your asparagus fix now while it's in season!

All in all, I thought our Easter was fantastic and I wouldn't change a thing. Well, except for the crack in the windshield of my new car that we got on the way to church (bummer).

Be Blessed,

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