June 30, 2014

Eight Tips to Care for the Star-Spangled Banner

We're days away from one of my favorite holidays of the year - Independence Day. I love the BBQ's, fireworks and family time, the sprinklers, potlucks and day drinking. It really doesn't get much better than Fourth of July festivities. The approaching holiday coupled with the World Cup seem to have most people feeling a little extra patriotic, even my husband seems to have caught the bug. He recently went out and bought an American flag to hang off the front of our house.

My parents had a flagpole at our house for most of my adolescent years and we were taught some of the rules of etiquette as it pertained to caring for an American flag. I thought it would be nice to share some of those tips since people are likely going to be buying a new Star-Spangled Banner for Independence Day, like we did.

So here are eight tips to care for the Star-Spangled Banner:

  1. No flag should fly higher than the American Flag
  2. American Flags should be taken down at dusk each night unless they're well lit throughout the evening
  3. American Flags shouldn't be left outside during inclement weather unless it's an all-weather flag
  4. Always fly the flag right-side up
  5. The flag should never be altered
  6. American Flags should never touch the ground 
  7. When it's not proudly displayed it should be folded neatly
  8. An American Flag is a symbol of our country. If it should ever need mending, do so but if it cannot be mended it should be burned in a dignified manner  
This is by no means a exhaustive list of establish flag etiquette but for those novice flag bearing-homes it's a great start to understanding how to best fly the Red, White and Blue. No matter what rules you follow it's important to always remember that the flag has stood for centuries. It is a symbol of freedom and pride. Many brave men and women have fought to protect it and the rights it represents.

Happy Early Birthday America!

Be Blessed,
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