August 22, 2014

The Truth about Keratin

By now, you've probably heard about the hair-straightening treatment known as KERATIN. The expensive, chemical treatment alters your hair follicles and the outside layer of each hair strand to reduce frizz.

I recently had a keratin treatment and I'm here to debunk some common misconceptions:

Your hair will not be super straight. Boom. I said it, and this was a shocker to me. I thought keratin was the key to glorious hair days. The end of buns and up-dos, but I was wrong. Oh, so wrong. My hair is less frizzy but not perfectly straight. In fact when I do wear my hair down I still run a straighter over it. However, a great benefit to the treatment is that when I do leave my hair up the creases that hair ties leave are far less noticeable.

You'll need to use special shampoo. Before you take the plunge, stock up on sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, to help extend the life of your treatment. Even if you aren't considering a keratin treatment, maybe you should consider switching to a sulfate-free shampoo. An article by the Huffington Post explains why it's in your best interest.

You can't get your hair wet for 48-72 hours after the treatment. That's right smelly. No showers for you. Make sure you get in a good workout prior to a keratin treatment because water will damage the effects of the chemical treatment. Just be aware of this little caveat and make plans accordingly.

Straight hair for days. By that I mean, post-treatment you have to leave your hair down and straight for 3 days! No buns, no ponytails, no braids. You'll be rocking straight, unwashed locks for days.

It might burn. You're dealing with some pretty aggressive chemicals so don't be surprised if you're eyes water and your scalp burns a bit when the treatment is being applied. It's normal.

Dandruff. I haven't personally experienced this one but a common complaint with keratin is that it can dry out your scalp and give you killer dandruff. Split ends are also an issue for some people

Hello shiny hair. My hair is super shiny and I LOVE IT. I used to use Moroccan Oil Gold Glimmer Shine Spray and now it's just collecting dust in the back of my cabinet because my hair has a perpetual shine.

I just want to run my fingers though it. ALL. THE. TIME. One of the best features is how soft my hair feels. When it's down and straight, it feels glorious.



Have you ever had a keratin treatment, or considered getting one?

 Be Blessed,
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  1. I have never gotten one, but I've always thought about it! I'm thinking about chopping off my hair though haha

  2. Oh wow, I've never heard of this, but I'm considering it now!

  3. I got my hair permanently straightened (back in Jan 2012) and I agree with the points you mentioned, afterwards I kept it straight with a special keratin shampoo and my hair was also super soft!

    [stopping over via Christine's blog.]

  4. Yes! I love the feeling after a dramatic hair change, I would totally go with a hair chop for fall! How fun!?!?

  5. First thanks a million for stopping by and commenting! I just love Christina and appreciate the visit! I love how soft my hair always feels - it's the best!