November 28, 2014

Untraditional Toddler Gifts

The toys pile up. They sing, they dance, they spin in circles and flash lights and frankly at the end of a long work day they can drive me bonkers. Which is why this year I'm trying to take a nontraditional approach to some of my gift giving, at least for my toddler. My little guy has a budding imagination so it takes next-to-nothing to entertain him and most of the time he's only interested in doing things that are off limits or doing things with my husband and me. 

I thought about it and I can't be the only mother out there on the prowl for great gift ideas, so this is my gift to you. A list of some of my favorite untraditional toddler gifts.

Untraditional Toddler Gifts

Bring Nature Closer. 
It doesn't matter what season it is, the outdoors offers an amazing beauty that just can't be overlooked no matter what your age. Adding a bird feeder to your outdoor space, even if it's limited, only enhances that beauty and it ensures that your toddler will look forward to spending time outside or, at least, they will enjoy their view from the window.

A Way to Relax. 
If you have a toddler I can almost guarantee that you could use an extra 15 minutes of quiet time or a minute to actually sit down. I can't ensure that a comfy kids chair, like this one from the Land of Nod, will give you that time but coupled with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Frozen, your odds are much better. The reason I like this particular chair over others is because it's less expensive, comes from a great brand and personalization is FREE!

Discover the Inner Artist.
Toddlers learn more coordination and enhance their motor skills everyday and art projects and other creative activities allow them to hone those developing skills while also providing an outlet to develop their imagination. I really like the Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool Easel because it has plenty of space to hold art supplies and it can withstand the torment of a toddler.

Think Summer Time. 
We may be in the mists of winter, but that doesn't mean you can't think ahead to sweet, sweet summertime. Why not prepare your little ones with water toys and accessories like this amazing Swimline Galleon Raider Inflatable from Not only will this impressive float be a showstopper under the tree, it's sure to be a toddler favorite AND is providing free shipping on all orders over $49. I've bought some items from and in the past and I'm always blown away by their great selection and amazing customer service.

What's on your toddlers wish list this year? Do you have any other great non-traditional gift ideas?

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  1. My cousin bought that same pirate float for her two boys, they looooved it this past summer at the pool!

  2. Those are some cute gift ideas!

  3. Oh yea! I'm so excited because it's one of the few gifts I already have stocked away!