May 20, 2015

My Future Fur Babies

The Mamas Tell All (#MamasTellAll) Linkup is meant to cultivate a community of supportive women that provide insight and advice on topics that relate to motherhood. I can't believe that this is our last week together but with that being said there's still time to join the conversation. Follow all he lovely ladies below and make sure to share the link to your blog. If your not a blogger share your thoughts in the comment section below.
This week is all about pets - fur babies - little love bugs - your adorable besties. The missing piece of our family *sad face*. 

I grew up with dogs and I have so many amazing memories with them and that's something I desire so much for growing my family. The adorable wagging tail that happily greets you at the door each evening, the sometimes spastic terror who would prefer to hide in the closet during a thunderstorm, the cuddly comforter when your sick, the vacuum cleaner (let's be honest this has to be awesome with a toddler), and the summer-time pond swimmer. Dogs can truly add so much love and value to your life and sometimes you don't recognize their power over you until they are gone.  

Up until this point we've had to put off adding a furry friend to our family because of our crazy work schedules. Once I made adjustments to my work commitments we learned we were expecting baby #2. Adding a family pet is a huge commitment and I want to make sure that our family can commit the time and love necessary and right now we honestly just can't make that commitment. One day we will pull the trigger but the time has to be right. 

I would also like to note that I lean toward furry friends of the dog variety but I think a pet of almost any type can add a lot of value to a family dynamic. 

Do you own a pet? If so please let me live vicariously through you and share all your fur-ball stories. 

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  1. Fur babies are a big responsibility for sure. We had Rambo before Zander was born and we didn't get Gambit until after Ainsley was born. There's a lot to consider with animals. I think it's great you're waiting until after things settle down so you have a better chance of training a pup. Until then you can stalk all of my pictures. Pretty sure I have an old album on Facebook with old pets lol

  2. I can't wait to see what kind of dog you get when it's time!

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  4. Michelle Olthuis MoehleMay 24, 2015 at 2:15 PM

    I want a dog so bad but we aren't at a point in our life where we can get one, maybe in a year. But we do have 2 kitties that my husband has rescued them both. One he found on the side of the road with a broken hip. I love them both so much. But I do want a dog in the future.
    xx, Michelle