November 8, 2016

The Votes Are In

I drove my boys 45 minutes to cast my vote today. I drove them 45 minutes so that I would have a voice about the future of our country. I drove them 45 minutes so that they can say that they have participated in every Presidental election in their lives (yes, I realize there's only been one since both of them were born). I drove them 45 minutes because complacency doesn't make progress and progress is something this country so desperately needs.

When I woke up yesterday morning I had no intention of voting. Honestly, while I placed a vote for a particular presidential candidate, I voted more for issues than for the person behind the podium. The two candidates are wildly different and their negativity is polarizing the country, but alas, one must become the next President of the United States, as difficult as it is for me to accept that truth. Therefore, I made the decision to do my civic duty this morning despite my burning desire to stay neutral.

I've thought a lot about this election and I've prayed a lot about this election, and here are my final thoughts on the subject (mind you, I'm writing this prior to the announcement of the new Commander in Chief). There's been a lot of talk about how one candidate will do X, Y, and Z and the other promises A, B, and C, and that's all well and good (well most of it). There's also been a lot of talk that if you vote one way you are voting for or against God or a church. I couldn't disagree more.

God gave us the awesome gift of free will. A gift you, as an American, are lucky enough to exercise in a unique way every four years. God did not say, anywhere in the bible that I read, "Vote Republican or else you're going to hell" or "vote Democrat or else you're condemned." He does tell us to turn our worry and anxiety over to him. He does tell us to trust him. He does tell us to be pure of heart.

If you've prayed about the candidates, the issues, and the election and with a pure heart you've come to a decision and you cast your vote, you are acting with the human right and God-given authority that is granted to you - Republican or Democrat. I cannot believe that God, in his infinite wisdom, would condemn us, mere humans, for the choice we make for president in 2016. I believe he will judge us based on our hearts and our actions.

Be good to the people around you. Try really loving your neighbors - no matter their political affiliation. There's plenty of negativity from the candidates, try not to feed into it. Be a light. These candidates are not God, they are running for office, and even kings will one day bow down to our Heavenly Father. So in the meantime, pray to Him with all your heart. Ask Him to guide you EVERYDAY, not just on election day. Pray for our country and whoever is chosen to lead it. But don't play God - don't condemn people with different opinions and viewpoints. You don't know their heart.

I'm proud to be a Georgia voter

I wasn't sure I'd vote in 2016 - at least not for a president - but I'm glad I ultimately made the decision to head to the booth and I'm wearing my "I'm a Georgia Voter" sticker and my rosary bracelet proudly today. God bless the U.S.A. and our future president.

Be Blessed,
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