Why Elaina

Published on 5 June 2024 at 23:29

As I reflect, it's been a year since we found out we were pregnant! Before we knew the sex of the baby, I remember praying to God and asking and seeing what we should name our baby. I didn't hear anything but got an image of a light. Once I saw this image, I immediately searched Google and looked up boy and girl names for a baby. Fast forwarding to when we discovered it was a girl months later. Elaina is the name we both liked. A Google definition and Greek word of Elaina means shining light, bright, sun, or ray of light. Light is a noun and is something that can be used and referenced in so many different ways. In the bible, we see the light used in many facets, such as truth, hope, goodness, and even salvation. I don't know who she will be and become in this world, but I hope she lives up to her name and is a light in this world. Here is a poem I wrote for her before she was born. I hope everybody, especially the symbolic and meaning-making people, enjoy this as much as I do!


My little light

Oh, how you've given me this right 

This right to feel

As I pray to God and ask who you will be

Light is what I see

You will be a light that illuminates the roads for others

A light that warms others

Like a tight and genuine hug

A light that guides lost stranglers to safety 

It revives the ones that are lacking that internal feeling 

You are a sunlight that gives energy to the soul that desperately needs to be refreshed 

You, my light, have taken my breath away

Already a ray of sunshine that gives me a glimmer of hope again 

I pray you shine bright in this dark world my little one

You will be a light that forces its way through the shaded areas 

Covers a multitude of spaces 

And is the first sign of a good day

You make everything and everybody around you better because of who you are

There's a light inside of you baby girl, keep shining 

You've already made me proud 


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